Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I knew that I put up a new post...but just now realized that I added it to the wrong blog!  That's a first!  So after a little copy/paste, here it is...

yesterday was beautiful...a perfect beach day.  the four of us tried a new spot in perdido key, which is only a 10 minute drive or so.  the waves were enormous for some reason, and the kiddos took that as a game of tag...waves chasing them in and out.  jason sported new goggles and faced the waves, still much too cold for me.

 lauren was taking a break from sand building after benjamin yelled at her for breaking their 'wall'.

 a kiddo lineup waiting for the waves.  benjamin is holding his squirter (aka shampoo).  he loves filling it and shooting.

 i try to catch lauren and her antics.  she is always kicking and dancing and being crazy.

 papa building the wall/fort with benjamin and lauren.  

the two winding down before we pack up and head home.  lauren's sunglasses still crack me up.  these are her favorite pair.

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